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As we rolled up our sleeves here at RideBeside to design a Teen Driver Training product with features that will have a true benefit to parents and teen drivers, we thought we were a pretty smart group of folks. (We actually are, but maybe not as smart as we thought we were for reasons you’ll learn in a second).

We approached the initial design of RideBeside features using the conventional approach: doing research on the drivers of teen behavior, research on teen driving instructional techniques, and research on other products and their features, etc. The normal stuff. All of it valuable and necessary.

So there we were with our first version of the RideBeside. All nice and shiny.

Listening to parents about RideBeside Features

Then we pulled in several groups of parents from around the country to provide feedback and input. Are we glad we did! We learned so much from parents just like you around the country. They told us they want a product that:

  • Doesn’t put you in a ‘Big Brother’ role. You said that the trust between you and your teen is already strained and that you don’t want another friction point in your life.
    We say that we couldn’t agree more! Who wants more friction in their life!
  • Provides your teen immediate instruction and feedback when they’re driving. You don’t want your phone, text or email to ‘light up’ if they are making poor decisions, you want immediate feedback provided to them so they correct their driving right away.
    We say of course. Who wants their phone ‘lighting up’? Most of us already have an abundance of emails and other matters deal with!
  • Allows you to collaborate with your teen and relax various limits as they mature and demonstrate safe driving habits.
    We say that’s smart. Your teen will advance in their skills and RideBeside can adjust with those changes!
  • Allows you to use the car without the restrictions imposed on your teen.
    We say drive any way you like: this is about your teen!

Thanks for your inputs. You asked for it and you got it!


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