Your teen just got their driver’s permit. Now what?

A different approach. A different outcome.


Customize for your teen»

Establish safe driving limits based on your teen’s unique driving skills and maturity.

RideBeside allows you to customize your teen’s driving profile based on their unique experience level and maturity, and change it as they demonstrate safe driving patterns and gain experience.

Guide your teen in real time»

RideBeside provides your teen immediate feedback when they exceed the limits you set.

RideBeside turns your teen’s phone into an audible alarm and stops their music when they exceed a limit you have set. Once they correct the mistake, the audible alarm stops and their music returns.

Stay out of the middle»

Help your teen form safe driving habits with a comprehensive approach.

RideBeside’s patented approach is the only product that alerts the teen immediately and prompts them to correct their mistake as it’s happening. This removes you from being in the middle.

Driver’s Ed is only a start»

Help your teen form safe driving habits with a comprehensive approach.

RideBeside picks up where Drivers Ed leaves off and helps form safe driving habits as your teen gains driving experience on the real road. Our Teen Driving Contract will help you and your teen work together.

Pre Order

Your teen’s phone turns into a buzzer the moment they make a risky decision, helping them develop good driving habits in four critical areas.



RideBeside is pre-programmed with speed limits for all roads, immediately alerting your teen if they exceed the limit.



When you set desired curfew hours for your teen, RideBeside sounds a buzzer during prohibited hours of operation.



Set maximum distance from home and RideBeside sounds a buzzer the entire time they travel outside the allowed driving area.



RideBeside prevents your teen from using the phone keypad but allows incoming and outgoing calls to authorized numbers.

RideBeside lets you set limits based on your teen’s maturity, skill level and driving needs.

No installation fees, no monthly subscription fees. $199 for one year.

“My teenager and I can talk again: we trust each other more, and it’s like we’re on the same page!”

Robert J.
Albuquerque, NM

“Easy installation? What could be easier than dropping the whatchamacallit into the glove box?”

Melissa R.
Denver, CO

“The data shows our son corrects his speeding more often than when we started with RideBeside.”

Brenda T.
Las Vegas, NV