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RideBeside has pioneered a completely new approach to Teen Driver Training and safety.  There are many products out there, but only RideBeside provides your teen realtime with feedback as they drive.

How is RideBeside different?

Five unique ways RideBeside helps your teen drive more safely

  1. RideBeside helps your teen develop safe driving habits during the first years of driving, when risks of accident and injury are highest.
    Drivers Ed and Graduated Licensing programs give both you and your teen a false sense of readiness for the road. RideBeside picks up where those programs leave off by providing your teen real-time feedback on decisions they make when they’re making them. It incentivizes them to correct their decision by sounding a loud buzzer. Once they correct their decision, the buzzer turns off. It’s like having a driving instructor in the car, extending the learning and training process.
  1. RideBeside doesn’t put you in a “Big Brother” role.
    RideBeside is not a surveillance product. It does not send you an incessant string of texts, calls or emails every time your teen makes a risky driving decision. It provides your teen real-time feedback, taking you out of the ‘Big Brother’ role and reducing the ‘friction coefficient’ with your teen. When you login to RideBeside, your teen’s driving data available to you for your review when you want it for instructional purposes.
  1. RideBeside allows you to adjust settings as your teen’s driving skills and decisions mature.
    Learning to drive is a process, not an event. As a teen driver training product, RideBeside supports the development of your teen over time.  As your teen demonstrates safe driving decisions and more advanced driving skills, you can adjust RideBeside’s settings. You can allow higher speeds, farther distance from home, and expanded curfew hours.
  1. RideBeside allows many drivers per car.
    In today’s family, each car has many drivers. RideBeside is an intelligent system that identifies who is driving the car. It allows you to create settings for your teen, but allows adult drivers to drive without restrictions.
  1. RideBeside works on your car and can be installed in minutes.
    When RideBeside has served it’s purpose to you and your family, it can be easily removed from your vehicle. You install it and uninstall it in minutes!


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