Our Story

We’re often asked how we came up with the idea to provide teens immediate feedback, helping them form safe driving habits. It’s an ‘uncommon application of common sense’ we’ve heard a few times.

I’m Mike, RideBeside’s inventor and founder. Like you, I was always aware of startling teen driving statistics. I even had a couple of high school and college classmates become a statistic. But I was young then and dismissive of it as ‘bad luck.’ As an adult I, like almost everyone else, thought these statistics would always happen to someone else.

How wrong I was. I received a call one morning from a very dear friend. As I picked up the phone I anticipated the normal banter. On the other end of the phone was a heartbroken parent. His daughter took a curve too fast the evening before and collided with a light pole. Right in front of a fire station. She was 16 years old. Gone. The family was devastated, and there will forever be a hole in their lives because of their tragic loss.

This happens all too frequently: over 4,000 teens a year die in automobiles, an average of 11 young lives lost each day. Senseless. I always thought it would be someone else’s misfortune, not a close friend’s. Please don’t think you’re immune. Do something to increase your odds, teaching your teen safe driving habits.

I chose to take this tragedy and try to turn it into something positive. So off I went on a life-long journey to prevent such unnecessary loss of life for other teens. Hence RideBeside.

Our purpose is simple and direct:

To help your teen form better, safer driving habits, thereby reducing their risk of becoming a teen driver statistic.

RideBeside exists to create products that provide parents dramatically improved and effective methods for advancing the safety of their teen drivers. Period. We don’t do anything else. We’re tireless in our continued research and innovation toward this end.

We believe that the reward for achieving our purpose is saving lives.