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Our 2018 annual cost and features comparison with competitors shows that there really is no comparison! Whether you’re looking at cost or features, RideBeside is the overwhelming winner. All the info is in the table below, but I want to highlight the following:

  • In terms of cost, RideBeside is more than $100 less than it’s nearest competitor for the first year, and more than $200 less at the end of the second year.
  • For features most useful in helping your teen become a better driver, RideBeside is in a class by itself; maybe not surprising given the fact it was developed specifically for that purpose.
Features Hum (Verizon) Vox (AT&T) RideBeside
Initial Purchase Price  $50  $99  $69
Monthly Subscription $10 $10   0
Total Cost, End of Year One $170 $219  $69
Total Cost, End of Year Two $290 $339   $89*
Hardware Installation OBDII OBDII none
Works on any vehicle? No No Yes
Dedicated to teen driver safety? No No Yes
Speed Violation  No  No Yes
Geo Fence Violation  No  No Yes
Curfew Violation  No   No Yes
Disables Texting  No  Yes  Yes
Driver Identification  No  No Yes
Parent Notification Push Push Pull

*$20 renewal fee after 12 months, and still no monthly fee!

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